Lavish Loves Communities Program

Free Books from Lavish Publishing, LLC

Lavish Loves Communities Program

Benefiting Libraries and Independent Book Stores


Lavish Publishing is giving away free books, and not just any books – PAPERBACKS!


That’s right – we want to share our stories with libraries and independent books stores who sign up for our new program. Membership is free and you are under no obligation to buy anything from us – ever!


So, what’s the catch? There is none! We are confident in our product and simply want to get the word out about our fantastic line of books. As a member of the program, you will receive an emailed newsletter once a month announcing our new releases, and each year that you are a member of the program, you will have the chance to receive a set of books from us, regardless of whether or not you were a recipient the previous year or whether you ever bought anything from us.


Privacy Statement


We are a small publishing company. We will use your store / library information solely for the purpose of conducting the Lavish Loves Communities Program. Your information will never be shared, traded or sold to anyone else.


Participation Agreement


Program participants agree to take a picture of any free books that they receive placed on their shelves and share it on Facebook with a tag to Lavish Publishing’s Page, along with the hashtag #LavishLovesCommunities on the post. If a participant is not able to make their post, they agree to send us a photo of their free books on their shelves that we will post on our Facebook page accordingly.


More information


For more information on the program, please choose your type of facility below or email us at if you are a teacher, school library, or medical facility. Book stores email us at


Libraries include school libraries, medical facilities who maintain a library, or even teachers who shelve books for their students to read.


If you qualify as one of those, click the button to discover how to join the program. We grant free books to facilities like yours every month!



Own, manage, or buy for an independent bookstore? Then this program is for you!


Visit our details page to learn how to receive free books in your store.