LLC Program for Bookstores

Welcome to the Lavish Loves Communities Program


Thank you for your interest in Lavish Publishing, LLC - we are happy to have you as a part of our Lavish Loves Communities Program. If you have not done so, be sure that you have filled out the membership form, and continue below for more information.


Here, I will explain a bit about the process for joining and signing up to receive free books if your store is selected. Currently, we are limiting the number of participants so that a higher percentage can be awarded, and we certainly hope that you are one.


However, if you are not selected, there will still be several benefits to being a part of the program, and you may be selected at a later time, so be sure to participate and remain active. You never know when your wish will be granted!


About Lavish Publishing


We are a growing publishing house, currently representing six authors, who are putting out new books almost every week. As part of the program, you will receive a short email each month to let you know what books are scheduled to be released soon, as well as the ones that have recently become available. Be sure to sign up for that newsletter, and also open your announcement every month to keep your membership active.

About Our Selection of Literature


Our books are printed through Createspace, and are high quality in story, editing, and formatting. We offer a variety of genres written at basically two levels of content: mature adult 18+, which obviously have strong adult language and situations, and cleaner reads; books which may contain milder adult language, violence, and situations, but are overall less offensive. Please visit our  Book Store to view our complete list of titles as they fall under these two categories.

How to Create Your Wish List


You may choose from ANY of our active titles offered in paperback. After you have visited the bookstore on our site and selected your titles, you will fill out this form to indicate which ones you are interested in receiving:  Bookstore Wish List. As a small independent book store, you are certainly welcome in our program, and if selected, you will receive $100 in retail price worth of books from us, so please make your selections accordingly.



After we have chosen our recipients for the month, those members will be notified that their books are on the way, and there will be no charge of any kind for them. Those who are not selected will remain open for as long as they are part of the program and may be chosen during a subsequent month. Also, those who receive the free books are welcome to use them however they choose – as demos, giveaways, or to sell outright.

Purchasing Rather than Waiting


Anyone who would like to purchase their books outright may do so at a 50% discount on their initial order. And, as an added benefit to program members, all subsequent orders will be given a 35% discount, as long as the order is for a minimum of five books. Shipping will also be included at no charge for all orders placed through us when the minimum number of books ordered has been met. You may also choose to purchase books AND wait to receive those on your wish list by simply placing a second order.


Lavish for Bookstores Book Order Form

Making a Payment to Lavish


When placing a paid order, be sure to send your payment via PayPal to and note in the comments that you are paying for an order placed through the program.


You may request a PayPal invoice at If you need other arrangements for payment, be sure to email us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Apply for Membership

be sure that you have filled out the 

membership form

Free Book Recipients


Congratulations – we are happy to have fulfilled your wish list. Please be sure to snap a picture of the books on your shelf and post them on Facebook. You can tag our Lavish Publishing Page and use the hashtag #LavishLovesCommunities in your post.


Not able to post to Facebook? Please email us a shot of your shelf and we will post it for you! The address is And don’t worry - we will have everyone who received their free books this year to fill out a new list in January for the next year, so continue to take part in our offers until then.