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Fantasy Lovers – an adventure awaits! Three sailors and a stowaway princess find themselves shipwrecked upon the shores of a magical kingdom. All they want is to find their way home, but hunted by dragons who rule the lands, that feat isn’t going to be easy… https://books2read.com/EridenSet

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Violet Serenade (Fairfield Corners Book 5)


Violet Miller has always known she was different. Her very first memories were full of swirling 

colors instead of music, and then of having to suppress that knowledge. Only her family could be 

trusted with her secret—until the day he arrived.

From the moment Dane McWilliams set eyes on Vi, he knew she was special. Scared, alone, and 

only seven years old, he lost himself in her deep blue eyes and finally knew safety. For eleven 

years she was his heart, his home, and on the day he left for basic training he started counting the 

days until he could return to her.

And then his letters went unanswered.

It's been seven years since Vi last set eyes on Dane. Seven years of avoidance and heartache. 

She's no longer the girl he left behind—she's all grown up and has returned to Fairfield Corners 

with a fiancé in tow. Resigned to a lackluster friendship, Dane's hopes and dreams are shattered. 

But when an ancient evil returns to wreak havoc on their lives, the truth of Vi's ability is 

revealed, and with it, the realization that her powers are not the only thing she's kept hidden from 


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Whisper of Suffering

Dragon of Eriden, Book 1


King Ziradon…Supreme Dragon of Eriden, he is overthrown; imprisoned in a stone fortress to watch as his kingdom is plundered by his once trusted advisor, Gwirwen.


Princess Kaliwyn…Dragoness and heir to the throne of Eriden, she is cursed to human form, stripped of her memory and cast out of the magical kingdom.


And so, the Dragon of Eriden begins…


Amicia Spicer led a simple life, until she discovered it had all been a lie…



On her deathbed, Arely Spicer confessed to her only daughter that she had been found, not born to her mother and father. Sad news to be certain, the idea of having a family of flesh and blood waiting to be reunited sent the young, independent woman on the adventure of a lifetime. Little did she know, a dragon’s heart beat within her chest and her journey would be more perilous than she could have imagined....





  • From Viv Drewa
  • After an exhaustive search to find the person who dismembered a woman’s body, and her body parts spread throughout the Port Huron area, the detectives Joe Leverette and Phil Marsden are baffled. There was no ID with any part of the victim, so with the help of their lab, eventually they identified the woman as Heather North of Port Huron, Michigan. 


    But the sensitive Carole Sage they were not able to get ahead of the murderer. The search for the suspect became one hell of a puzzle they would have to figure out.

  • https://www.audible.com/pd/Call-of-the-Owl-Audiobook/B0B44HBHMB



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Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.


Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.