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Summer Short

Loving Marie by L.A. Remenicky

A cop romance, falling in love with his partner’s little sister was never part of the plan….

ebook, PB, Audio





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My Grumpy Valentine

By L.A. Remenicky

Ashley Sweet was living her dream—baking cupcakes and making plans to expand her bakery—until Thorton Hodges walked in with an offer she could, and did, refuse.


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  • Violet Serenade 

  • Fairfield Corners, Book 5

Violet Miller has always known she was different. Her very first memories were full of swirling colors instead of music, and then of having to suppress that knowledge. Only her family could be trusted with her secret—until the day he arrived.

From the moment Dane McWilliams set eyes on Vi, he knew she was special. Scared, alone, and only seven years old, he lost himself in her deep blue eyes and finally knew safety. For 11 years, she was his heart, his home, and on the day he left for basic training he started counting the days until he could return to her.

And then his letters went unanswered.

  • From Sara J. Bernhardt

    Golden Shackles

    Behind Blue Eyes, Book 3


    When the ancient queen, Sekhmet, snatches up Adam, he is faced with a terrifying decision: to aid her in her vile plans or dare to stand against her.

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Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.


Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.