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A Bodyguard Romance from LA Remenicky


When hiding isn’t enough… become Invisible. 

Standalone thriller 







Trailer Trash: Redneck Life Meets Mafia Mayhem in Pine Creek by Samantha Jacobey


Welcome to Pine Creek, an adventure in Redneck Land, where a woman runs the mob and the brothel, and a group of men open a strip club where the ladies are entertained. Running for her life, Lilly Loveless lands there, and can't believe what she discovers...




It's that time again - more Unexpected Magic is on its way!!
This time, the stakes are even higher. Can the coven finally get the better of Morcant and his dark curses?
Catch up and be ready for The Whispering, coming on Aug. 23rd... preorder is open now!
THE WHISPERING – http://mybook.to/WhisperingUMS4
The Unexpected Magic Series - http://myBook.to/UnexpectedMagic


New Release! By Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn THE TRAVELER’S RIDDLE – http://mybook.to/TravelerWIS1
A story to cement the bonds of brother and sisterly love in a manner in which neither heaven nor hell can separate.



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Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory – Norn #2

From A. Nicky Hjort, a magical fairytale at heart, Za must discover her true origins to understand her inherent inner darkness. 





  • Midnight Owl

    Joe Leverette Mysteries, Book 1

    By Viv Drewa

    Can a sensitive and an owl help the police find a horrible murderer.

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Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.


Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.