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Kick off your summer with a FREE ride! A New Life Series is BACK in KU and CAPTIVE is FREE for everyone this week only!


TORI FARRELL's life IS an amazing story…

~ escaped from a biker gang

~ running from drug lords

~ used by the FBI

~ protecting her present from her past



Individual titles available in Ebook, Paperback, and on AUDIO - or all are FREE on KU!! http://myBook.to/ANewLifeSeries


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Who wants more UNEXPECTED MAGIC?? Book 3 is set to release May 24th! 


Hot to trot witches discover their power and each other in this amazing installment!


Need to catch up? Grab the Opening Duo - that's books 1 and 2 at a great price - or FREE on KU!!


The Unexpected Magic: Opening Duo

A little bit of dirty and a dash of dark, the Opening Duo is the doorway to another world hidden within our own!


First, meet Merideth and Rider, running for their lives. When Meri’s mother is murdered, he is sworn to protect her and will do anything to keep the bad guys at bay. Can he keep her safe and win her favor?


Then, Sarah is haunted by a coven magister hell bent on reviving a witch through her body. Blake takes on the role of guardian, but does he have enough power to defeat his brother or get inside her heart?


Start at the beginning when witches discover their powers in this magical adult series!


OPENING DUO – http://mybook.to/UnexpectedMagicSet1

THE SECRET SIBLING - http://mybook.to/SecretSiblingUMS3


Or get books 1 & 2 individually...

The Unexpected Magic Series - http://myBook.to/UnexpectedMagic

New Release! By Hope Daniels & Alicia Dawn THE TRAVELER’S RIDDLE – http://mybook.to/TravelerWIS1 A story to cement the bonds of brother and sisterly love in a manner in which neither heaven nor hell can separate.



New Audible Releases!

Where Ebon Sounds Like Ivory – Norn #2

From A. Nicky Hjort, a magical fairytale at heart, Za must discover her true origins to understand her inherent inner darkness. 





  • From A. Nicky Hjort, Dormancy


    In the future, biohacking has taken humanity to the brink of evolutionary advantage as Artificially Integrated Persons perform at maximal potential, but for Jagga, his utopia turns into a nightmare.




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Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.


Click the Images to visit pages in the bookstore or the author profiles.