Sara J. Bernhardt

Sara J Bernhardt is an author and poet who has been writing since a very young age and is a winner of several poetry and short story contests. It is clear that Bernhardt writes in a realistic tone while still creating the enthralling feeling of fantasy. Her writing puts readers in a world that they will truly love to be a part of.

Summer's Deceit

(The Hunters Trilogy, Book 1)



Jane Callahan is a reclusive, seventeen year old high school student dealing with the death of her beloved brother. Her home in Southern California with her mother is a constant reminder of her loss and pain. 


In hopes of escaping her painful past she moves to North Bend Oregon to live with her father. There she meets a beautiful, boy named Aidan Summers. Jane is intrigued by his looks as well as his unusual ways of attempting to get her attention. After months of unusual conversation and frustration, an uncertain romance brews between Jane and Aidan, but Aidan has a ghastly secret that can destroy everything.

Summer's Shadow

(The Hunters Trilogy, Book 2) 



Aidan Summers, a seventeen-year-old, stunningly beautiful genius, somehow finds his way into the life of Jane Callahan; a lovely girl trapped in soggy North Bend, Oregon. In this new Tale by Sara J. Bernhardt, Aidan relates his side of the story. All of his dark secrets are revealed and all of his motivations behind his strange ways become known as the story unravels in a captivating narrative of suspense, romance, courage...and murder.

Summer's Redemption

(The Hunters Trilogy, Book 3) 



The secret alliance of The Silver Wing and the waging war with their evil rival, The Sevren, come into full view in a new light. The evil that still lurks and stirs behind the supposed destruction of The Sevren steps out of the shadows and spins a new tale of adventure, suspense, romance, mystery and terror.

Adam Gold

(Behind Blue Eyes, Book 1)


Fleeing the French invasion of Geneva Switzerland in the 1700s, Adam Gold books passage to America with his family. On the ship, Adam's daughter falls fatally ill. A mysterious man comes to Adam with a way to save his child by turning Adam into something darker than human.

The Medallion

(Behind Blue Eyes Book 2) 


Adam Gold, an immortal with sweet eyes of blue, rushes through the centuries on a quest for reason and a thirst for revenge. To cope with his pain and regret, he sleeps away the years and awakes in a new era with a powerful, ancient vampire who sets her sights on him.




(Behind Blue Eyes 3)

When the ancient queen, Sekhmet snatches up Adam, he is faced with a terrifying decision. To help aid her in her vile plans or dare to stand against her.





Amber Sights

(Behind Blue Eyes Book 4)



The truth about Victor Miller, the absentee master of Adam comes into full view in this new tale. The truth about what really happened that fateful night on the ship.


(Behind Blue Eyes Book 5)


The secrets of the ancient Relone are finally revealed. When Victor Miller comes to seek the story of the age old mentor of Adam, he at last hears the tale that Relone kept hidden for eons.


The Chalice

(Behind Blue Eyes Book 6)


Daniel Sarcova, master of Victor at last tells the tale of his life. The centuries old secrets of his life are finally revealed.




In Gray


After a near fatal crash crash brings Daisy Carmichael the ability to see the future, she is plagued by not only the things she sees, but the deadly secrets of the boy who saved her life.




Daisy is safe. For now. But the evil of The Order and the secrets of their kind are very much alive and threaten everything Daisy has fought to protect.


Harvest Moon



Adeline Blackwood is a supernaturally gifted noble young woman who will do whatever is necessary to be with the man she loves. 

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