Featured Author: R.A. Carter Squire

The most wonderful thing happened when Richard Carter-Squire came into the world. A family of loving, funny, and eccentric characters welcomed him. There was a great-grandmother and several extended cousins who took advantage of their nearness to the American border to smuggle whiskey during Prohibition. 

On the other hand was a family of vicars, which thankfully ended with my grandfather. They all had a sense of humor and it passed down the tree to me. Dry, sometimes sarcastic, I like to tell a good story or have a laugh, but not at someone else’s expense.

I grew up in small town Canada near the geographical center of North America. It certainly is the center of southern Canada. Going to school was always a challenge. I wanted to be outside playing cops and robbers or inside reading about more exciting places. We had an ancient single volume encyclopedia. Yeah, there wasn’t much information in the world in those days. It had great pictures though, and I would sit for hours reading about everything.


I dropped out of school and went to work. Painting houses, selling life insurance, and later I sold computers, and inspected homes for resale. All of those trades required more reading than writing, so I was happy.


Yes, reading was a passion and still is, but writing wasn’t. Most of you will agree that subjects and predicates are confusing. The proper placement of a comma, now that can cause riots. That was until thirty years ago. I read an absolutely dreadful book and decided that if the reading public, including me, was willing to pay someone to write junk then I could too. Well, I didn’t intend to write junk.


My wife and sons thought I might be crazy. I was studying for a Business diploma at the time. How hard can it be, I asked. Think of a situation and start writing, right. My favorite author then and now is Stephen King; some of you might know him. So I chose horror. The book took four months to write and I didn’t consider editing. After several rejections, I put it in a drawer for twenty years. Six years ago, I got bitten by many of those writing bugs.


I researched and wrote a novel about Jack the Ripper from his perspective and took out that dusty manuscript and edited and released a much better version. I suspect all authors have a few unfinished manuscripts in their desks, so do I, but my latest novel, An Altered Course is being released in June. Thanks to the great team at Lavish Publishing, this could be a smash hit.


The most important thing I’ve learned from all of this is that learning to use proper grammar is helpful to telling a good story. I’m still learning. All those wasted years in school hating English class. Oh well, I believe we’re never too old to learn. I try to put my experiences into each book I write. I’m not a romantic, I’m a realist. Maybe it has to do with my parents, I don’t know. The stories I tell are about people and how I think they’d react in those situations; that’s all I can do. I’m not going to change your opinion, but I hope you can relate to the characters and enjoy the tale.

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