Featured Author: A. Nicky Hjort

I find that life is filled with stories just waiting to be told. I’d love to say I find them, but the truth is that they usually find me. My first release with Lavish a high-fantasy thriller novella in our Winter Lites collection, but that is not how Lavish came to know me. They came to know me through my soon-to-release Sci Fi series: The City.


…. For fun, I’d like to share the inspiration behind this one of all my possible stories.


It was a fun summer morning in 2011. The pool glistened in the glorious light of a full on eye-blinding ray of sun while my daughter came round my side. She was three at the time, that glorious babe, and stood there examining her bowling alley tattoos from the night before. She looked up at, squinting from the powerful solar rays and laughed. She said, “Mommy. Mommy, can you imagine an entire world built on tattoos. Tattoos everywhere. Tattoos everywhere, Mommy. Like me.” She laughed once more and added, “Like you Mommy.”


And The City was born much like our powerful sun, I imagine.

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