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Amazing Amy

by Kathy Moczerniak

Illustrated by Robin Gabriella Damiano

Meet Amy! She is a loving, sweet, silly little girl. Amy has autism, which means there are some ways in which she is different than you. If you get to know her, though, you’ll see you are the same in many ways too. Read Amy’s story to learn about her similarities and differences so you can understand her and those on the autism spectrum a little better. You’ll see our differences make us beautiful and unique.With awareness comes understanding. With understanding comes acceptance. With acceptance comes love. Understanding, acceptance, and love—what we all deserve.



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Jumping Bean: Junior Edition

(Jumping Bean Journeys Book 1) By Melia Lands



Jumping Bean Journeys is a series of books that will take you on a journey of one young boys struggles to survive and thrive, from birth to young adulthood. ATTENTION: Parents/Teachers: This book can help small children and their families be introduced to hospitals and the benefits of hospitals. This book can also be used to learn about and expand on doctors, nurses, and devices used in hospitals. Hopefully this book will help ease any visits that might have to be taken to a hospital.

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The Day Jake Ran Out of Hugs by A. Nicky Hjort



While waiting for his forever home, Jake helps others in need with his heartfelt and magical hugs. But when he loses his hugs and he's the one in need...

what will happen next?

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